Motorcycle Oil Runs Out, Here Are 6 Bad Impacts

Motorcycle Oil Runs Out! Oil is a crucial component on a motorcycle. Oil has multiple functions, both as a lubricant, cleaner, coolant and motorcycle engine protector.

Dry oil will certainly have a bad impact on the motorbike engine. This can cause serious damage. Therefore, the oil must be changed regularly before it dries out and runs out.

So why does motor oil run out? There are at least 3 things that cause motor oil to run out, namely as follows.

First, there was a leak in the oil seal due to filling oil that exceeded its capacity and the seal being old.

Next, too much oil is burned due to the poor condition of the shielding on the piston ring.

Third, the oil is rarely changed or is used too long.

Running out of motorcycle oil can have a bad impact on the motorbike. The following are the impacts of running out of motor oil, as reported on the Wahana Honda page, Thursday (30/5/2024):

1. Vibrations and Strange Sounds Appear

As an engine lubricant, when the oil is dirty or dry, the engine has to work harder. This will result in large friction, resulting in vibrations and uncomfortable sounds from the motorcycle.

2. Wastes fuel

When the engine works harder due to dry oil, the engine will require more power, resulting in wastage of fuel.

3. Engine durability decreases

Oil also plays an important role in maintaining engine durability and durability. Therefore, changing the oil late can shorten the life of the motorcycle engine.

If this happens, the owner will have to pay quite a bit of money to repair the various affected components

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