Through the SMART Program, Mitsubishi Fuso Collaborates with Vocational Schools Ready to Produce Reliable Mechanics

In order to improve the quality of human resources (HR) in the automotive sector and meet the needs of professional standard mechanics, PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), Mitsubishi Fuso took strategic steps in collaborating with several Vocational High Schools to hold a program Special Manpower of Ability, Reliable and Tactical (SMART).

Through the SMART Program, this is proof of achieving Mitsubishi Fuso’s vision, namely “customer business consultant” by providing training programs to produce professional mechanics who can operate at consumer locations as a reliable after-sales service. The SMART program has been implemented since February 26 2024 at the Krama Yudha Regional Training Center (KRTC) Makassar.

Director of Sales & Marketing Division PT. KTB, Aji Jaya, said that Fuso will always be ready to provide the best services to meet consumer business needs.

“By graduating reliable mechanics from the SMART program, we hope to be able to support the needs of internal mechanics for the Fleet, which is currently difficult to find standardized and work-ready mechanics,” he said.

Therefore, through this program it is hoped that it will help consumer business productivity by ensuring that consumer-owned units are handled by standardized mechanics. On the other hand, the number of consumers increases over time, causing the need for professional mechanics to continue to increase. So, Mitsubishi Fuso has taken the initiative to continue to develop this program throughout Indonesia in stages.

In order to produce reliable mechanics, of course through a strict process, explained Aji Jaya, participants who take part in the selection stage of this program must complete their education at the Vocational High School level first.

After passing, participants will take part in a debriefing and training program for approximately eight weeks. Participants will also be given pocket money while participating in the program and a certificate of proof of Mitsubishi Fuso standardization as a junior mechanic after graduating.

As a result, there were 12 participants who successfully graduated from this SMART program.

Through this SMART program, it is proof that Mitsubishi Fuso is ready to prioritize consumer needs to always be a “True Business Mainstay”.

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