Increasingly Thinning, 2024 Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Quota Only 40 Percent

Indonesia trying to increase use electric motorcycle by providing a subsidy of IDR 7 million. However, these purchases are limited to 50,000 units this year. That number is down from the 600,000 units set last year.

Since March 2023, the IDR 7 million subsidy for the purchase of one electric motorcycle is still less effective. Lack of outreach and education is believed to be the cause of the slow acceptance of electric motorcycle in Indonesia.

For information, electric motorcycles that can be included in the IDR 7 million subsidy program must meet the requirements of being assembled locally and meeting a TKDN value (domestic component level) of at least 40 percent.

The Ministry of Industry (Kemeperin) noted that from January 1 to May 27 2024, 30,083 units of electric motorcycles with subsidies had been distributed. This figure has reached 60.1 percent of the 2024 sales target.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry, Febri Hendri Antoni Arif, said that the progress in distributing aid to purchase electric motorcycles in this period has exceeded the total aid distribution in 2023. According to him, the target of 50,000 units will be achieved in August 2024.

“Looking at the sales trend of electric motorcycle in the January-May 2024 period, the Ministry of Industry is targeting the quota for purchase assistance of 50,000 two-wheeled KBLBB units to be achieved in August or early September,” Febri was quoted as saying in an official statement.

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