Hyundai Ioniq 5 Recalled in Indonesia, Kia EV6 Has the Same Fate?

PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) is recalling the Ioniq 5 electric car. This step was taken to update the Integrated Charge Control Unit (ICCU) software. Then, what about Kia EV6 which has similar problems globally?

Marketing & Development Division Head of PT Kreta Indo Artha (KIA), Ario Soerjo, said that his party had handled this problem. Currently, Kia is starting to make repairs to the affected Kia EV6 units.

However, Ario emphasized that his party did not announce the recall of the Kia EV6 because the population of this car is still small in Indonesia. Therefore, notification was immediately sent via official letter to EV6 owners.

“We received this news quite a long time ago. So because our population (Kia EV6) is not large (in Indonesia), we can still do (software improvements). We have got a list of who is affected or not. It’s actually just a software upgrade. “We do that silently in the workshop,” Ario told reporters in South Jakarta, recently.

However, Ario did not mention in detail how many Kia EV6 units had undergone ICCU software repairs. Even so, he asked all EV6 owners who have not had repairs done to immediately come to the repair shop.

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