Games online unblocked, you can enjoy

While some schools or workplaces might restrict access to certain websites, there are still plenty of games online unblocked that you can enjoy. Here are some resources for finding unblocked games online:

Disclaimer: While these websites should generally work on school or work computers, it’s important to note that school administrators can block any website at any time. Always be sure to follow your institution’s acceptable use policy.

Unblocked Games Websites

There are websites dedicated to offering unblocked games. These websites typically host simple HTML5 games that don’t require a lot of processing power. A quick search for “unblocked games” should bring up some options. Be wary of random websites though, as some might contain ads or malware. Stick with reputable websites.
Here’s a list of Unblocked Games Websites to try:


Unblocked Games 66:

Unblocked Games 77:

Unblocked Games 24h:

Unblocked Games WTF:

Keep in mind:

  • These websites may contain ads.
  • Some websites might be slow depending on your internet connection.

New unblocked games websites pop up all the time, so you can find more options with a quick online search. Be cautious of random websites though, and stick with reputable websites whenever possible.

Genre-Specific Websites

Many websites offer games within a specific genre, like puzzle games, strategy games, or card games. These websites might not be explicitly unblocked games, but they often host games that are simple enough to run on most devices.

Cool Math Games:

This website is a well-known resource for educational games that can also be fun and engaging.


Scratch is a coding platform from MIT that allows you to create and play your own games. While it’s not strictly a collection of unblocked games, it offers a creative outlet and can be a great way to spend time.

Remember, if you’re playing games at school or work, make sure you’re following the acceptable use policy. It’s always best to check with your institution’s IT department if you’re unsure about the rules.

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