Efforts to Prevent Tourist Bus Accidents Ahead of School Holidays

BusTourism has recently been in the spotlight due to a series of accidents involving study tour groups. Approaching the school holidays, short-term efforts to handle tourist buses need to be carried out.

Transportation observer, Djoko Setijowarno, said that related parties need to pay great attention to tourist bus transportation every June-July. This is a long holiday for school children which is usually utilized by holding a study tour.

“Short-term efforts are needed to avoid tourist bus car accidents. “A massive campaign needs to be carried out so that people become more concerned about safety using tourist buses,” said Djoko in a written statement, quoted Friday (31/5/2024).

The Deputy Chairperson for Empowerment and Regional Development of the Indonesian Transportation Society Center proposed handling short-term tour buses. The first way the public can do this is by checking the vehicle’s roadworthiness test (KIR) via the ‘Mitra Darat’ page application.

Next is ensuring passenger safety equipment, such as seat belts. Next, always check the driver’s driver’s license, tourist bus STNK, and roadworthiness test book (KIR) before traveling.

Apart from that, tourism managers are also asked to provide appropriate resting places for bus drivers. This is to ensure the driver can rest optimally so that he is in a fit condition when continuing the journey.

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