Ducati Shows Off 2 Scrambler Concept Motorcycles, Has a Classic Touch

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati exhibited 2 Scrambler concept motorbike at the London Bike Shed MotoShow recently.

According to Carscoops, Thursday (30/5/2024), the first Scrambler concept motorbike was the CR24I. This concept takes the classic Café Racer theme.

This concept motorbike was created by Ducati’s Centro Stile design department. The CR241 is inspired by the traditions of British riders of the 1960s.

The CR241 was painted in off-white contrasting with red and white stripes. The CR24I also features 17-inch wheels, a tank-mounted fairing, and a removable cover that sits over the passenger seat.

Ducati Scrambler concept motorbike called CR241. (Carscoops)
Ducati Scrambler concept motorbike called CR241. (Carscoops)

The second concept is called RR24I. The bike is based on the Scrambler, but has a more rugged look and is better suited to off-roading.

The RR241 rides on a unique set of wheels with grippy Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires. This concept motorbike has a protruding fender at the front.

Ducati left the frame open so a small bag could be attached to it. The passenger seat area can also be removed to become a luggage rack.

Centro Stile Ducati also equips its bike with recycled empty jerry cans and a Termignoni exhaust.

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