Don’t panic, here are 2 tips for overcoming a sudden motorcycle failure

Motorcycle If it is not properly maintained, the engine may suddenly stop while driving. However, there are several ways to deal with a broken down motorbike so you can start the engine and take it to the nearest repair shop.

Launching the Suzuki page, Friday (31/5/2024), there are several causes for a motorbike breaking down suddenly, such as running out of fuel, closed petrol tap, dry engine oil, spark plug problems, electrical components short circuiting, and the exhaust and air filter filling with water.

So, what are the solutions to overcome the problem of motorcycles suddenly stopping on the road? Here are some tips for dealing with the problem of the motorcycle suddenly stopping:

1. Check and Refill Fuel

When the motorcycle suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road, the first step you need to take is to check fuel availability. Try checking the indicator on the dashboard or opening the tank manually to ensure remaining fuel.

If you find that you run out of fuel, immediately look for a safe place to refuel before continuing your journey. Then, also check the petrol tap and make sure there are no blockages that could block the flow of fuel to the carburetor.

2. Check the engine oil

Next, make sure to regularly check the engine oil level and condition before traveling. If the problem of the motorbike breaking down has already occurred, immediately replace the engine oil with a new one so that the engine remains protected and performs optimally.

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