AHASS Workshop Presents Special Service,Pampering Electric Motorcycle Consumers

AHM is committed to providing the best service for Honda EM1 e: Electric motorcycle users.

DENPASAR, Indonesia – PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) continues to strive to pamper its customers with maximum service. Together with its main dealer network, AHM is committed to providing the best service for Honda EM1 e: Electric motorcycle users.

Striving to provide a special electric motorbike maintenance experience, AHM has special certified electric motorbike technicians, so that consumers still feel safe and comfortable when servicing electric motorbikes at the official Astra Honda Authorized Service Station (AHASS) EV repair shop network spread throughout Indonesian territory.

Especially on the island of Bali, in the maintenance of electric motorbikes, AHM and main dealer Astra Motor Bali have prepared a variety of complete after-services which can provide peace and comfort when driving with the Honda EM1 e: electric motorbike.

Apart from preparing special technicians for electric motorbikes, the fast track service in the service area also offers optimal service without having to wait a long time to maintain the Honda EM1 e:. The equipment used to maintain Honda electric bicycles is different, each tool will be coated with rubber to avoid the danger of electric current flowing.

As a form of security for other technicians, when service work is being carried out, Honda electric motorbikes are marked for special handling. Consumers can also see their favorite electric motorbike being handled directly by a special technician who is characterized by wearing a low voltage badge on his sleeve and is called an EV technician.

Honda consumers are increasingly pampered with the availability of a complete Honda electric vehicle ecosystem from sales to after-sales. To serve consumers specially at Honda dealers, an outlet with the e: Shop logo is available. In Bali, the Honda e: Shop dealer can be found at Astra Motor Bali which is located on Jl. Cokroaminoto no 80, Denpasar City, Bali.

At this dealer, an information corner about Honda electric motorbikes is available through the e: corner area. In this area, consumers can access complete information about Honda electric motorbikes. Honda EM1 e:, and charging via the Honda Power Pack charger e:, can be seen more closely here.

Complete information about the Honda electric motorbike ecosystem can be accessed easily to provide complete insight to consumers. The assistance provided by the Honda EV Specialist (HES) makes it easier for consumers to find information about Honda electric motorbikes.

“With the presence of the Honda EM1 e: electric motorbike, of course we are the Main Dealer and network with PT. AHM ready to provide e:shop facilities and services for our consumers. This is also our commitment to a product that aims to provide comfort and safety from the start purchase to use of the Honda EM1 e: “said Regional Head of Astra Motor Bali, Yohanes Kurniawan.

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