6 Ways to Track a Lost or Stolen Motorbike

Finding a lost motorbike is also not easy

Indonesia – Case motorbike theft it still happens today. This incident caused losses for the owners.

Finding a lost motorbike is also not easy, apart from reporting it to the authorities.

However, with the right steps and adequate knowledge, motorbike owners can be more calm and effective in carrying out searches.

There are several tips and strategies you can use to find the motorbike you are looking for.

Quoting from various pages, Tuesday (28/5/2024), there are 6 ways to track a lost or stolen motorbike, as follows:

1. Check motorbike location online via SMS notification.
2. Use a GPS Tracker.
3. Official Local Police Application.
4. CCTV.
5. Tracking the motorbike plate via local E-Samsat (if available)
6. Report to the Police Station or Samsat.

Of the various methods available, these tips are an effective way to find a lost motorbike.

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